Hot Tub Services

Your backyard oasis is designed to relieve stress and sooth the day’s aches and pains.  Through our premium, “no hassle”, approach to service we can help you extend the life of your existing hot tub.  Our preventative maintenance services can protect your investment and help you enjoy your sanctuary; rather than worrying about costly repairs.


ServiceService Details
Hot Tub Inspection:Visual/functional inspection of electrical, mechanical and plumbing system. Provide estimate.

Hot tub flush:Cleaning of hot tub internal plumbing, pumps, heater, acrylic.
Hot tub maintenance:Rinse/replace filters, vacuum, test/adjust water chemistry, visual inspection
Filter replacement:Replace hot tub filter(s)
Hot tub winterizing: 

Visual Inspection of functions. 
Drain water (if needed)
Remove water from the pipes to prevent expansion breaks due to Ice.
Dismantle components as necessary.
Utilize anti-freeze to protect pipes. (if contractor deems it necessary) 
Hot tub openings: 

Cover removal, 
Reassembly of parts and components that were disassembled during winterizing
Salt system service:Diagnose, repair or replace salt water sanitation systems

Equipment & Parts Services Overview

ServiceService Details
Pumps:Replace or Repair hot tub pumps that are deemed "worth repairing"

Offsite pump inspection:Inspection of hot tub pump in independent/isolated system
Hot tub sanitation retrofit:Retrofitting hot tub to accept new sanitation technologies, Ozone generators, salt systems, UV systems, Ionizers...
Sound system service:Diagnose, repair, replace and retrofit hot tub sound systems
Hot tub jet replacement:Inspect, source and replace hot tub jets
Light services:Diagnose, repair, replace or retrofit light systems
Plumbing:Repair/replace and reconfiguration of hot tub plumbing systems, components and plumbing parts
Hot tub control retrofit:Retrofitting hot tub to accept new control technologies
Heating system & Temperature control service Diagnose, repair, replace or retrofit heating system or Temperature control system and components
Tripping breaker repair: Diagnosing and repairing cause of tripping breakers

General Services Overview

ServiceService Details
Show of operation:Presentation of the functions and maintenance of hot tubs

Hot tub covers:Measuring, sourcing and installing hot tub covers
Leak detection and repair:Locating/diagnosing  and repairing leaks in equipment and/or plumbing
Hot tub move/disposal:Relocation/disposal of hot tub.
Electrical:Estimate, and complete electrical work. Connection/disconnections, outlet/light, appliance installations
Resurfacing:Designing, and installing poured in place rubber safety surfacing for decks, parks, drive/walkways