Hours / Service Areas

Hours of Operation

7am to 7pm - Monday to Friday
Saturday/Sunday - Closed

Service Areas

Zones: In general we service anywhere within 2 hours from Parliament Hill

Zones will be based on Google Maps and determined on a case by case basis. These zones will be determined by distance or time. The point of origin will be Parliament Hill In Ottawa. Any and all destinations that are within a 45 minute drive will be based on an average distance. (see zones below). Any destinations that a are more than 45 minute drive will be based on time at a rate of 50$ per hour of drive time. For example a destination that is 2 hrs away is 4 hrs of drive time X 50$ = 200$ zone. These zones are none weather, construction or traffic dependent which means zones will not increase if drive takes longer due to these factors.


Zone 1.            0-19KM: 0$

Zone 2.            20-29KM: 20$

Zone 3.            30-39KM: 30$

Zone 4.            40-49KM: 40$

Zone 5.            50-59KM: 50$